Selling E-Books Online

How to Make Money Selling Ebooks Online

Selling e-Books online is an excellent way to earn passive income while you sleep, and it’s also highly scalable. One of the most effective ways to turn your passions into a business and monetize your skills is by selling e-Books online. There are numerous platforms that make it very easy and simple for publishing e-Books as well.

E-Book What is it?

An e-book or is an electronic version of a printed book, called also a digital book or electronic book. It is a book that we read on a tablet, computer, smartphone, or any other device designed for this purpose.

E-Books are designed to be published online and downloaded over the Internet. To make this type of digital media transmittable via the Internet, the e-book is converted into PDF format, which is a file format that provides images, text, and graphics that look identical to a printed book.

The subject is important in selling e-Books

The subject you choose is very important if you want to sell a digital book. The e-book you want to sell should be with topics that are of interest to your customers. So, knowing what the public wants is a great way to achieve success selling e-Books. A good way to achieve this goal is to make a Keyword Searches  to find what people are looking for. It is also a good idea to visit forums and discussion boards to see what people are talking about. It should be in high demand and should target a large audience.

Distributing Your e-Books

Once you have e-books, you’re ready to sell, you need to set up a distribution channel. There are two primary categories of channels you could consider: Your own website, and online bookstores.

Why sell e-Books online?

Digital products offer business owners the unique opportunity to sell limitless units, without forking out for materials, supplies, or inventory. Any product sold online, particularly those facilitated by automated tools, allows you to generate passive income. Passive income is the money you earn without having to do extra work or put extra effort into the transaction. Selling e-books online does not require a lot of manpower. They don’t require fancy software to create. They’re not expensive to market, or sell, or manage. They’re one and done. This means you can create your brilliant e-book and put it straight on display, for a small investment.

Make money selling your own e-books

You can create your own e-book containing information people want or need and sell it online through your website or any online digital product store.

Make money selling e-books other people own

You can also make money selling e-books through affiliate marketing, where you promote a writer’s or merchant’s product in return for a commission for each sale you generate.

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Make money reselling downloaded e-books

There are a lot of online stores offering free or small fee e-books with resale rights that you can download then resell through selling platforms.

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Selling e-books Through Your Own Website

When you sell e-books through your own website:

  • You have the possibility to sell at a higher price. When you sell through an online bookstore, you will be competing with every other book in the store. When you sell through your own site your customers won’t see competing products.
  • Your profit margins are maximized. By selling through your own website, you can minimize your distribution costs and earn maximum profits per sale.
  • You can control your customer’s experience. When you sell through an online bookstore that site is doing its best to sell lots of products, not just yours. On the other hand, when you sell through your own website, visitors will focus only on your e-book.
  • It also helps to build your authority and engagement with your audience and create that all-important email list of people who want to hear more from you.

These are some good reasons to sell through your own site, but you need to :

  • set up your website, and it should be good enough that customers feel comfortable buying from you.
  • You will have to set up a secure download delivery system.
  • You will also have to set up a payment method that is widely accessible, secure, and works perfectly.
  • But the most thing you need is the audience and traffic!

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How to create an Audience and attract Traffic

Building out your email list is important, as email lists are the only audience you have 100% control over. you’ll need to create a freebie that relates to your e-Book. Make it digestible, actionable, and then offer it in exchange for an email address. When you use email marketing, your email list is completely yours to engage with and build a relationship with on your watch. Use your email audience to give previews of your e-book, share exclusive content to entice new subscribers, and most importantly: sell your e-book to your list.

Selling e-books through online bookstores

When you sell e-books through online bookstores:

  • You will have immediate access to a massive customer base. When you sell from online bookstores your products will receive a lot more traffic.
  • Your e-books will be recommended to buyers who are looking at similar titles, meaning that people who aren’t even looking for your e-book could end up buying it.
  • You don’t have to go through the technical steps necessary to sell books from your own website. Online bookstores will do all the tasks in your place.

But on the other hand, there are downsides to selling through online bookstores:

  • You face a big competition. There are thousands, say millions of titles available from these stores, and your e-book will be just one more product in a huge catalog.
  • When someone is looking at your e-book, the bookstore will recommend him similar e-books, putting your book in direct competition with similar titles.

All my best wishes for your success.


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