Learning Languages

Me and learning languages

For my primary and secondary studies, I used two languages that I have mastered well and that I use to this day. For my higher (university) studies I did them with a third language that has served me well during my professional life, has allowed me to travel to many countries around the world, and now I use to surf easily through the web. Learning languages ​​pays off in the long run.

Why learn other languages?

Improve your memory

By learning a new language, you will stimulate your brain even more. You will improve your memory. This extra grey matter will also help you make better and faster decisions.

Build confidence

Learning a new language builds confidence. You’ll find new friends. Understand movies without the need for subtitles. Help tourists find their way around or guide them to places worth visiting.

Enjoy your vacation

When you learn a new language, your vacation becomes much more interesting. Even with basic language skills, you will be able to travel abroad and experience the adventure of a lifetime. You will discover a different and more authentic aspect of the country you are visiting, then you find new friends and discover new cultures and customs. You could even read the phone book, understand map directions, give cab drivers the exact address of your hotel or the site you want to visit, quickly find your route in the transportation networks (metro, bus, trains …) facilitate your passage through the airports, through customs and police controls.

Improve your business

In business, to effectively reach your various audiences, you must address them in their native or preferred language. Whether improving communication with your partners, translating user guides, or localize your website to attract more visitors around the world.

Which language to choose

– A student chooses the language that will facilitate his access to training in other countries that he likes to visit or meet friends there.

– It is easier for someone looking for work to find a job in countries that he speaks their languages. Then if he adds his professional qualifications, it will be perfect.

– A businessman might learn the language of the people he plans to do business with.

– A tourist must at least learn the international language which is English. Then any other language will be welcome depending on the region he plans to visit or settle there.

Convinced! start learning languages.



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